Conditions of Use

The Collegium Telemedicus (CT) system is made available to facilitate the delivery of health care in remote or low resource settings.

  1. The system is provided at the users' own risk, and no responsibility/liability is accepted by the CT organization itself;
  2. CT cannot provide any guarantee about the quality of the clinical advice provided through the system, its suitability for purpose, nor the speed with which it is supplied;
  3. Any clinical advice is provided to the treating doctor under the normal rules of inter-professional dialogue;
  4. Any clinical advice is provided on the basis of the best information available at the time;
  5. Clinical advice is provided on the understanding that the treating doctor is delivering a service to patients on a not-for-profit basis. Because experts in the CT system give their time and expertise for free, we expect the treating doctor to do the same, i.e. not to charge an additional fee for specialized consultations via telemedicine;
  6. Users of the system agree to keep patient information confidential, in accordance with normal procedures for medical consultation. Specifically, information may not be used for teaching purposes or published in any other way or transferred to any third party without the prior agreement of CT and the patient concerned;
  7. Users must ensure that CT is acknowledged in any publications relying on the work: unless there are exceptional circumstances, CT expects to be informed prior to material being submitted for publication. For its part, if CT wishes to publish something based on network data (except non-identifiable data), it will seek permission from the relevant network first;
  8. Users of the system, particularly network coordinators, agree to assist other users in other networks where possible.