Further information

The aim of the CT organization is to assist doctors who wish to help their colleagues abroad, by addressing problems such as confidentiality through the use of a secure server, while allowing them to maintain control over the new network's use and development.

CT will establish an account for the network coordinator to use. The coordinator can then set up accounts for doctors to refer cases, and accounts for specialists to respond to them. The coordinator will be responsible for choosing which specialist(s) should respond to a particular case.

A basic suite of software is provided, accessible through a web browser.

What you need
To start a new network using the CT server, you will need:

  • a group leader, who assumes overall managerial responsibility for the group. This person acts as a guarantor, to confirm that the group is operating in accordance with the conditions of use
  • a network coordinator to manage the referrals (who may be the same person as the group leader)
  • one or more referring doctors
  • access to specialists who will respond to telemedicine queries from the referrers.

You will need to send a short prospectus, explaining the basic ideas about your network. The information should include:

  • name of the network
  • brief details about the likely referring doctor(s) and the expected nature of the cases
  • brief details about the specialist(s) who will respond
  • brief details about the guarantor, including their email address
  • brief details about the coordinator, including their email address.

This information should be submitted via the Contact email address (see below).

If the prospectus is acceptable, the guarantor and the coordinator will be asked to complete a web-based registration form; they must also agree to the Conditions of Use.

Once both guarantor and coordinator have completed their registration, user accounts will be created for them. The guarantor will have full access to the data on the server, but will not be able to send messages or allocate cases. The coordinator will also have full access to the data on the server, but in addition will be able to send messages and allocate cases.