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Delivering health care in remote or low resource settings is often challenging. In particular, access to specialist opinions may be difficult to arrange. In this situation, telemedicine can be helpful in allowing remote practitioners to obtain expert advice.

Using the Collegium Telemedicus (CT) system, you can establish a simple telemedicine network. You can set up a network of your own experts to support health providers in one or more remote locations.

There is no charge for setting up a pilot network and the system is freely available for humanitarian purposes. Bespoke versions of the system are also available for commercial use.

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Over 40 Collegium networks have been established to date. Thousands of telemedicine cases have been handled in these networks. Organisations using CT networks include:

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In Ancient Rome, a Collegium was a friendly society (a self-help organization). One aim of the Collegium system is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and expertise between the networks.

Collegium Telemedicus is directed by a Steering Group chaired by Richard Wootton.